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Partnership Opportunities


RampUp for Student Success


In-person or virtual professional development to introduce elements of integrated student supports in a school, district, or youth-serving organization.


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Become a Licensed Partner


Receive certification and technical assistance to deliver the full model of integrated student supports across multiple schools or districts.


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Partner with a Local Affiliate


Ibanka mạch máuBring in trained Communities In Schools staff to work directly with students in schools alongside educators and administrators.


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Integrated Student Supports


Increasingly, education systems are being challenged to address both the academic and non-academic needs of students. Our evidence-based model helps educators balance the needs of the whole child through targeted resources, programs and services for the students who need them most.


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Our Work In Schools


We know that integrated student supports works because it’s backed by rigorous and independent evaluations. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from the school and district partners who know us best.

Our Results



Percent of case-managed students who stay in school.



Percent of case-managed seniors who graduate or receive a GED.



Percent of case-managed students who are promoted to the next grade.


National Network. Local Approach.


Our national community of practice enables education leaders and administrators to learn from what’s working in thousands of schools across the country and co-create a completely customizable approach based on local needs. 


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